• Michael Van Eaton

    Teacher and Instructor

    Michael Van Eaton grew up in Alaska and graduated with a BS in material science engineering, a BS in chemistry education, and an MS in education administration. He has a solid reputation in a variety of educational fields. Chemistry, physics, coaching, swimming, and water polo are examples of these learning areas.


    Michael provides expert guidance on how to be a successful teacher and educator. He has appeared on local platforms to share his top tips on these topics. He believes that any successful teacher must be prepared and organized. Prepare a teaching agenda for the entire school year before the school year begins. From there, divide it into what will be taught each month, and then into weeks.


    You must have a plan in place to ensure that you teach your students everything they need to know during the school year. In this field, winging it is extremely difficult and may cause you to forget to teach a specific lesson. Always be well-prepared and well-organized. He claims that working as a teacher is difficult, but also extremely rewarding. Michael has dedicated his life to assisting others and is proud to be a teacher.


    Assume you want to become a successful teacher. In that case, he strongly advises you to choose a subject that you are passionate about, to be prepared and organized, and to maintain control of your classroom and your emotions. All of this will contribute to your success as a teacher. Michael enjoys scuba diving, traveling, reffing water polo, restoring cars, home maintenance, and web design in his spare time when he is not sharing his expert knowledge and passions with others.

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